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Favorite Recipe Websites

We have spent hours searching out and trying lots of whole food, plant based (WFPB) recipes! Here are our favorites!

Italian Tomato Pasta | Monkey and Me Kitchen Adventures

Our Absolute Favorite Whole Food Plant Based Recipe Websites:

We get very excited every time we see a new recipe posted on the websites listed below. Every recipe we have tried on these websites have been great! We are in love with so many of them!!

Monkey and Me Kitchen Adventures The Vegan 8

In general, the recipes on The Vegan 8 are a little easier to make than Monkey and Me Kitchen Adventures. But, any extra time and effort spent on the Monkey and Me Kitchen Adventures has been well worth it in the end!! The Vegan 8 tends to have more baked goodies than entrees. The Vegan 8 also has a cookbook with even more wonderful recipes!

Other Favorite Recipe Websites (Listed Alphabetically):

Eating whole food, plant based meals involves a lot of home cooking. Although we have had many days when everything we ate was from on of the two websites above, we are always open to trying out recipes on other sites too. Some of the recipes on the sites below might have dairy, meat or oil. We just either leave these ingredients out or substitute them with something else to stay compliant.

Monkey and Me Kitchen Adventures

The Vegan 8

Let us know if there are any other recipe websites we should check out!

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