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the Veggie Challenge
Eat whole food, plant based (WFPB) food (no meat, no dairy, no oil)

and exercise 30+ minutes daily

Meet Jenny & Bryan
Meet Jenny & Bryan

After watching the Food Choices and Forks Over Knives documentaries, we knew we should switch from our Standard American Diet to Whole Food, Plant Based (WFPB) food.  Over the last few months, we have had some weeks when we stuck with the plan and ate 100% WFPB.  But, we have also had other weeks where we continued to eat greasy fast food, meat, dairy and pretty much anything that was convenient.  Not surprisingly, on the days we stuck with the plan, we felt better than days we didn't.

We have tried being 80% or 90%.  But, we have found that once we eat off the plan, it is very easy to fall back into bad habits.  

So, we started to wonder.... what would happen if we actually stuck with the plan for 100 days straight?  And, if we're really going to change, we should include some exercise goal too.  

And... the Veggie Challenge was born:  100 days of sticking with a whole food, plant based diet and at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. 

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